Growing up

A beautiful and very sentimental song about a parent and how they feel when they realise their kid is growing up and they are losing their connection.

The song offers the opportunity to talk about

- growing up, child-parent relationships

- the narrative perspective

- how the music transports emotions

- or rewrite the song from the kid's perspective

Making a Difference

Eine Auswahl von Kurzgeschichten als Text sowie als Audioaufnahme mit Multiple-Choice-Tests.

Weitere Themen auf der Seite: "Brain Stories" und "Scary Urban Legends".

The Blue Planet

"Narrated by Academy Awards winner Jeremy Irons, Heal the Bay's 'mockumentary' video shows the stark reality of California's plastic bag pollution situation. Heal the Bay, alongside a coalition of environmental and public health experts, pushed the State of California to pass a ban on single-use plastic bags: Prop 67 passed on Nov 8, 2017. But this plastic waste reduction legislation is only the beginning. Heal the Bay is on a mission to ban all single-use plastic."

More coverage on plastic pollution: https://healthebay.org/category/plastic-pollution/


The Climate Detectives campaign aims to provide as many secondary schools as possible the support regarding climate protection.

You are invited to use the materials of the campaign as well as our service and project ranges. Start protecting the climate at your school now. Train climate detectives, improve your CO2 footprint and explore the effects of climate change.

The average global temperature has been increasing since industrialisation. Although man has been identified as the cause and although we know that a further rise in temperatures represents an existential threat to human civilisation, the necessary reorientation has not come about yet. But this does not make climate protection a topic which is exhaustively discussed with reports on catastrophes. Quite the contrary: Here we can experience a sustainable approach to our planet as an attractive and exciting task, which involves everybody and from which (nearly) everybody can ultimately benefit.


Vokabelliste Deutsch-Englisch mit Beispielsätzen.


Das Centre for Alternative Technology im walisischen Machynlleth stellt sich vor.


Zielgruppe dieses Materials sind englischsprachige Nawi-Lehrkräfte, die Inhalte sind entsprechend anspruchsvoll. Dennoch findet sich hier für Interessierte eine umfangreiche und vielfältige Sammlung von Material.

"The Habitable Planet: A Systems Approach to Environmental Science is a course for high school teachers and undergraduate students in environmental science. The content course will help teachers of biology, chemistry, and Earth science to provide more content in their classes. The course components include 13 half-hour video programs, a coordinated website which includes the streamed video programs, the course text online, five interactive simulations, background on the scientists who created the content and those whose research is documented, a professional development guide, and additional resources."

Quelle: Anbieter (2021)

Youth Culture in English-speaking countries

"Youth rebellion and music has long been linked with Britain's sartorial history; from ostentatious radicals embracing new levels of swank vulgarity, to the DIY garbs of punk and the brazenly bold colours of the 1980s new wave, the inception of subcultures has provided an outlet for expressive fashion and a space for communities to flourish.

In their Introduction to British Youth Subcultures webinar, UAL tutors Dr Ray Kinsella and Kevin Quinn explore the residual power and value of British subcultures on life and fashion today. But with the growing argument that today's subcultures are less to do with collective youth insurgency and more to do with fashion trends and individuality, as debated in the Subcultures Today and Subcultures Tomorrow webinar, we look back at some of the most discernible tribes of post-war Britain and the top subcultures of recent history."

Quelle: Anbieter / University of the Arts London


"What's it like growing up in a mixed-race family? Watch 15-year-old Tillie talking about her experiences."

Quelle: Anbieter (British Council), 2022

Tillie's parents are from Britain and Ghana.